Frequently Asked Questions

This is our guarantee: Our products are hand made to the highest standard. The physical product that is delivered to you may have slight variations when compared to the images shown on this website. This is to be expected. If your product arrives soiled and or damaged we will give you a full refund on receipt of the returned product. In this event please:

  • Immediately on delivery of your soiled or damaged product, take a picture of the damage and e-mail it to
  • Return the product in original packaging to:
    • Farm 25 Hennops River Valley
      Hennops River
      Tswane, South Africa

Zeederberg Leather products are hand made to the highest standard using carefully sourced superior materials. We endeavour to ship your item to you within 7 working days. In the event of a delay we will contact you to explain the reason.

It is vitally important for us to know the length of the belt you order. This will ensure the belt is made to its optimal fit. People wear belts in three main styles:

  • Low down the waist on the hip bone;
  • Around the middle in the area of the belly button;
  • High, above the stomach just below the rib cage.

Whatever your style, measuring is the same. Take a tape measure or a piece of string and measure the point to point circumference at the position you wear your belt. You can measure in centimeters or inches. Input this information, the length and whether inches or centimeters, when you add an item to your shopping cart.

We use vegetable dye to colour our products. In other words we stain or tan our leather. The colour goes into the leather. It gets sucked in. The colour is always there.

Vegetable dye tanning is the traditional way of preserving leather. We mix the vegetable dye into a liquid containing natural plant extracts. We apply the liquid to the leather. This is a manual process. The liquid evaporates and the colour remains behind. We are impregnating the colour into the leather. Almost like a tattoo.

This traditional method encourages microbial bacteria activity inside the leather. The leather is 'alive' with microbial activity. The microbial activity preserves the leather. It keeps the leather soft, subtle and strong.

High quality leather needs caring for. It needs looking after. Keep it moist with leather oils. With this care, leather endures for ever. Combine vegetable dye and care. Your Zeederberg Leather product will increase in value over time.

Did you buy a Zeederberg Leather product some time ago? Does it need a little loving care? Bring it in to us. We will refurbish it for you. Free of charge.