Belt Lined and Hand Stitched

belt plain lined hand stitched 26mm green leather brass buckle
Belt Lined and Hand Stitched - Brass Buckle, 26mm, Green Leather
Lined and Hand Stitched

A Premium belt because of its hand stitching and lining. The history goes back to late 1800’s when a working-class person could not afford a lined hand stitched belt. It was a special belt to have and wear. Working-class people would have a thicker piece of cow hide and the only hand stitching evident would be the hand stitching to secure the solid brass buckle.

The lined hand stitched belt then, was for those that could afford something better. The hand stitch again to make sure the lining never came separate from the belt itself. Many commercial belts have lining glued to the belt, which is a desperate waste.

The lining purpose is to protect the wearers' trousers, pants, dress from the rub of the thong and raw leather. Lining slips and slides smoothly over the fabric, protecting the fabric and ensuring a comfortable wear. Lining is of pig grain lining or calf skin which gives a more rigid solution and used for belts worn every day.


  • Well chosen strap side piece of leather.
  • Durable, veg tanned and every opportunity to last a long time.
  • Cut and shaped.
  • Edged and edged dyed.
  • Lined and hand stitched.
  • Cow hide.
  • Leather treated with natural dyes, oils and waxes.
  • Pig lining to ensure a softer more comfortable wear.
  • Solid Brass or Nickel plated solid Brass fittings.

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Belt Lined and Hand Stitched - Brass Buckle, 26mm, Green Leather