Belt Three Part Braid

belt 3 part black braid on medbrown leather brass buckel
Belt Three Part Braid - Black Braid, Medium Brown Leather, Brass Buckle
Lined and Hand Stitched
Belt Width

The leather braid, an advert to its creativity and craftsmanship. The art of braiding, thonging and lattice work came to Europe via the Moors who invaded Spain in 711AD. European craftsmen incorporated braiding as a beautiful addition to their quest for excellence. At that time, a belt with a braid embedded on the surface was highly sought after and regarded as an item of exceptional value.

Zeederberg leather continues this tradition. Our braids are hand woven and hand stitched onto a supporting leather strap resulting in a belt that is both beautiful and durable. Braid colours range from multi-coloured rainbow and tortoise to single colours. A rainbow braid on tan leather is fun and vibrant while a black braid on black leather is sombre and elegant.

Over and above endless colour variations, we make one, three and five part braids.

  • Lined and hand stitched.
  • Hand woven braid.
  • Cow hide.
  • Leather treated with natural dyes, oils and waxes.
  • Pig lining to ensure a softer more comfortable wear.
  • Braid backed by cow skin.
  • Solid Brass or Nickel plated solid Brass fittings.
  • Belt width: 32mm.

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Braid Colour
Leather Colour
Buckle Type
Please give us your belt length rounded up. The length of your belt is the point to point measurement around your waist at the position you wear your belt.
Please supply the unit of measurement for your belt length.
Belt Three Part Braid - Black Braid, Medium Brown Leather, Brass Buckle